Blockchain Testing

Why Blockchain Testing?

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. With increasing abilities of deployment and integration, testers must understand how to evaluate blockchain applications. Where are they likely to encounter problems? Moreover, blockchain applications are not limited to the financial world – it’s smart contract underpinning has the ability to be integrated into many different areas like energy allocation to government services. All of the above bring challenges that are unique to blockchain testing and debugging.

Blockchain differs from other traditionally developed applications, requiring testers to approach specific requirements and acceptance criteria. Once the smart contract is implemented, its execution cannot be reversed. Besides, smart contract codes define how seamlessly the software performs with increased workloads. This calls for robust outsourced testing specialised in debugging the code.

TanGensys Blockchain Testing as a Service

We help you to build great Blockchain solution

  • We delivers Blockchain solution development and Blockchain testing services.
  • Our QA engineers has strong understanding and experience on Blockchain technologies and testing it.
  • We offer complete Blockchain testing solution to ensure robust Blockchain network and application.
  • The advantage of independent validation of the smart code.
  • Access to best of breed professionals specialized in smart contract testing.

Why Blockchain Testing is Critical?

We are a go-to company for blockchain development and testing services. By outsourcing software testing of blockchain applications, you save many problems, money and time while gaining a debugging advantage.

The challenges of experimentation in blockchain development include the use of precise terminology, business requirements, design specifications, and rigorous testing protocols. Thus testers need to have excellent knowledge of the business processes in various domains of blockchain application that developer team may lack.

The range of blockchain deployment is extending to almost every industry and also there is a high investment in blockchain development. This means that there cannot be any shortcuts about the testing of the blockchain application.

Dedicated testers understand the blockchain technology very well, and are best equipped to handle the specialized testing ecosystem.

we are helping customer to solve their business problem using Blockchain. We developed framework which meets the all business requirement.

Outsourcing the highly specialized skills of blockchain testing ecosystem is a sure-fire way to decrease the potential of having disasters with your software deployment under multiple scenarios.

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